I am a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with a hybrid of text and image.

My artistic practice focuses on investigating the role of collective memory in creating and transforming cultures of communication on/about topics tethered to the margin.

Engaged in the act of concealment and constructive ways of obscuring self-recognition my body had migrated from its black and African identity in the earlier years of my artistic practice. Undoing this work of erasure and identity censorship, I am now focused on extracting my embodied knowledge and tracing its manifestation through my memory and lived experiences.

In the past two years, my area of interest shifted towards performing arts – particularly writing about dance in Ethiopia.

I have worked with Destino Dance Company, a contemporary dance group based in Addis Ababa, on Adey a project directed towards the preservation and documentation of traditional dances from around the country. I have written a series of articles analysing the outcomes of this journey through the lenses of gender, religion, and national/ethnic identities.

In 2018 I worked as a creative communications at Fekat Circus, designing and implementing the communications campaign for the second edition of African Circus Arts Festival and the 2018 Green Road Show + Creative Hub.