ankeboot is an independent press based in Addis Ababa publishing books that thread the line between art and literature. It exists as an instrument to extract and spread Ethiopian stories told in Amharic and English languages. By inventing and normalizing uncommon and easy publishing methods, Ankeboot strives to eschew biases/obstructions that quell Ethiopian narratives from entering into documentation/source material via the literary stream.

exploring book as the epicenter for discussions, collective/public readings, writing workshops, exhibitions, ankeboot organizes events that contribute to the Ethiopian literary archive and create evocative and enriching marginalia for the reference of present + future readers.

Publishing/book making is a collective endeavor in which the reader/audience plays a key role. Ankeboot aspires to become a haven for astute, articulate, and critical audience that challenges and enhances the publishing industry.

Evening musings: a collection of haphazard writings

Evening musings: a collection of haphazard writings is a culmination of ankeboot creative writing workshop on image + text hybrid. With eight contributing artists the book is divided into three chapters. In the first section, the writers grope their way around their mental geography to articulate their relationship with the “I”. The second section is a compilation of instructional pieces inspired by Yoko Ono’s Grape Fruit. The last section comprises of a collection of found text poetry.

eat - letters - speak tongue

a multi-media installation

eat-letter-speak-tongue is a multimedia installation recreating a human mouth. The tongue links expressions through language, sexual and gastronomic desires. Entering the oral orifice we experience the dissolution of these interactions and the tongue as a strip of flesh invites a tactile relationship with language. Using video art, audio recordings, text, and photographs this exhibition explores the mechanical aspects of communication to develop an acute awareness of language. eat-letter-speak-tongue dwells in the slippery nature of language, in (mis)communication and (mis)translation, and the failure of language to communicate the inexpressible.


Hiwot Abebe [installation art]

Sarah Bushra [installation art + audio piece]

Mahlet Takele [video art]

Curated by Hiwot Abebe, Siham Ayele, Sarah Bushra, Helina Yigletu